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Don't Drink and Drive

“We save lives by decreasing the incidence of impaired and distracted driving, increasing the correct use of child safety seats and safety belts, and promoting safety when recreating.”

Every law enforcement agency in Fremont County will be working overtime this weekend with a specific goal: Zero DUI’s and Zero Deaths for our community.

Injury Prevention Resources (IPR) wants our community to know that Fremont County law enforcement officers will be looking for drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or not wearing seat belts, Feb. 5-7 during the weekend of the Big Game. The agencies will be working together as part of a county-wide, multi-agency seat belt and DUI enforcement operation.

Fremont County statistics in 2015 tell the story of why law enforcement is working to save lives:

· In 2015 Fremont County suffered 17 motor vehicle deaths, 70% of those deaths involved alcohol, drugs or both. Not one of the 17 Fremont County vehicular fatalities in 2015 were wearing seat belts.

· In Fremont County the fatality rate on our roads is four times the national average.

· Motor vehicle crashes were the second-leading cause of accidental deaths in Fremont County in 2015. The number 1 contributing factor was alcohol, drugs or both.

· Fremont County’s 40 accidental deaths was the highest it had been since 1979.

Motorists who show signs of alcohol and/or drug consumption will be evaluated, and appropriate enforcement action will be taken.

Along with the enhanced enforcement effort, the Wyoming Highway Patrol is urging drivers to help keep Wyoming’s roadways safe by calling the Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately (REDDI) hotline number at 1-800-442-9090 to report suspected drunk drivers. Callers should be prepared to provide the dispatcher with a description of the vehicle, its location, and direction of travel.

Partners in the Zero Deaths, Zero DUIs campaign include Injury Prevention Resources, Lamar Advertising and Wyoming Department of Transportation.

Help us make sure Drunk Driving Ends Here.

Thank you to these Partners that help save lives!!