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Victim Impact Panel
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Victim Impact Panel
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Victim Impact Panel
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Don't Drink and Drive

Injury Prevention Resources- Partnering To Keep Fremont County Safe                                
Targeted Victim Impact Panels 

Fremont County is one of nine counties in Wyoming that offers DUI Victim Impact Panels. As the sole provider of Victim Impact Panels in Fremont County, Injury Prevention Resources hosts a number of panels throughout the year. All Fremont County Courts, Youth Services, and many treatment programs support the DUI Victim Impact Panels, using them both as an effective way to educate and sanction DUI offenders within our community. 

The program is designed to emotionally impact offenders so that they begin to consider the pain and suffering impaired driving causes victims. The Panel is comprised of volunteers who have had their lives changed forever because of an impaired driving crash. Panel members include both victims of crashes and previous offenders who are uniquely qualified to speak of the crash and about how it has affected them and their families to a roomful of offenders sentenced to attend the presentation. The program impacts offenders on a highly personal and emotional level, thereby enabling them to seriously consider the tragic, ultimate consequences of Driving Under the Influence of alcohol and other drugs. 

If you or a member of your family has been impacted by an impaired driver and is interested in attending or speaking at a Victim Impact Panel, please contact Marcy at (307) 856-2821. 

Protect Our Future Programs

Protect Our Future programs are designed to educate children in preventable injuries.  These programs consist of many facets, including but not limited to: Bicycle safety, child passenger safety, fire safety, pedestrian safety, school bus safety and helmet safety.  

Hundreds of Wind River Reservation students will be served in the 2011/2012 school year through an assortment of programs falling under the Protect Our Future umbrella.  

-  The Little Convincer program will be provided to the community and a select number of schools were seatbelt related fatalities and issues are prominent.

- The Safety Rodeo program is a comprehensive recreational program provided to kindergarten through third grade students (with the help and support of older students) designed to help students and their parents how to prevent childhood injuries in our communities.

Each of these programs are being updated and redesigned to fit with today`s students and within the Wind River Indian Reservation culture.  Programs will be offered to all Fremont County elementary schools durring the 2012/2013 school year.

- Distracted/Impaired Driving Education programs have begun in Riverton, Lander and Wind River and will continue to expand into the 2014 school year.  The in-classroom simulator provides attendees an oppertunity to experience the difficulties and consequences associated with distracted and impaired driving. The simulation program works by utilizing either an on-screen touch phone or the attendees cell phone. The simulator has been utilized in High Schools, Middle Schools and community events in Riverton and Lander.

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